For high achievement in violin, viola and cello performance


The Princeton String Academy offers lessons in private and group settings using the Suzuki Method of Talent Education.

Private Lessons

Each student receives a 30, 45 or 60 minute private lesson, depending on the age, attention span, and playing ability of the student. Students advance at their own pace, learning classical music as a means to develop a beautiful tone and fine musicianship. With very young students, music theory and note reading is delayed until the student is ready.


Group Lessons

Group lessons offer students the opportunity to develop their ensemble skills in a non-competitive environment. Students are grouped by skill and book level. Group lessons run from early October to February. The curriculum for the group lessons includes group review of Suzuki pieces and some outside curriculum like fiddle tunes or contemporary literature. All students are required to participate in both the private and group lessons.



Chamber Music Program

Students who have mastered note reading also participate in the Chamber Music program. Generally organized into trios or quartets, musicians here explore the vast repertoire of ensemble playing.

Performance Opportunities

Group lessons provide the opportunity for students to perform on a regular basis. Attendance is required at all group classes and concerts. Outreach concerts at malls, nursing homes and public places are scheduled from time to time. Two formal student solo recitals and group recitals are scheduled each academic year along with a master class with a great clinician from the Philadelphia Symphony or other outstanding organization. Performance class week is the week before a solo recital. Students rehearse with the accompanist and play before a small group of students and parents. This replaces their private lesson for that week.



Competition Coaching

We encourage our students to participate in state competitions, and we help prepare them for their performance.