For high achievement in violin, viola and cello performance


Student Awards, 2015/2016 Academic Year

Congratulations to our 2015/2016 award winning students!

  • Caleb Solidum, violin, selected to play on the YOCJ Master Class by David Kim, Concert Master of The Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Sresth Gupta, selected for the Solo Performance Program of The Philadelphia International Music Camp & Festival (one of 13 students selected nationwide)
  • Elizabeth Chang, violin, selected for 2016 NJ Regional Intermediate Orchestra
  • Ribhave Bose, viola, selected for 2016 NJ Regional High School Orchestra
  • Michael Hu, viola, selected for 2016 NJ Regional High School Orchestra
  • Sonal Gupta, viola, selected for 2015 Carnegie Hall American Protégé International Competition


NJMTA Spring Competition Honors/High Honors winners:

Aashi Chandna, Spandan Chandra, Elizabeth Chang, Jeffrey Chen, Eddie Chen, Ashmitha Dandamudi, Harrison Ehee, Tyler Ehee, Kaelyn Gopaul, Sresth Gupta, Anika Jonelagadda, Emilian Lipnevich, Srujana Mallem, Soham Paratkar, Caleb Solidum, Thomas Stone, Eric Wang, Cassie Wang.


Student Awards, 2014/2015 Academic Year

Congratulations to our students who have won state, national and international music competitions this year!

NJMTA Spring audition and recital  

Cassie Wang, age 10 – High Honors, Violin
Elizabeth Chang, age 11 – High Honors, Violin
Ronit Sethi, age 13 – High Honors, Violin
Dhiraj Chakravorty, age 13 – Honors, Violin
Rishi Patel, age 13 – High Honors, Viola
Ketan Sengupta, age 12 – High honors, Viola
Jessica Xu, age 13 – High Honors, Viola

New Jersey Intermediate All State Orchestra

Ribhav Bose, age 12 – First Chair, Viola

Vivo International Music Competition, Carnegie Hall

Scola Lee, Age 7 – Second place

MTNA Competition

Sonal Gupta, age 14 – Honorable mention